Corporate relocation of offices/warehouses

Flyttkillarna AB carries out company relocations with over 30 years of experience. We move companies both internally and externally, but also single offices and longer special transports. We help you with tips & advice throughout the entire moving process so that it will be as smooth and cost-effective as possible. For us at Flyttkillarna AB, responsibility and transparency are important watchwords for every service performed. By this we mean that we want you to always feel secure in entrusting the company move to us. When moving a company, it is of course also important that rules, laws and conditions are followed – which we have always been careful to follow throughout the years. Our over 30 years in the industry have given us a bank of knowledge and experience, with the help of which we can always carry out first-class company moves. We always stick to what we have agreed in advance, use the right authority – and always work time-efficiently. We also hold professional traffic permits and valid insurances in Trygg-Hansa.

Company relocation at a good price

Electrical appliances, office supplies, tables, chairs and coffee machines. It doesn’t matter what kind of stuff you want to ship from your old premises to the new ones. Our experienced movers will help you with moving all office supplies at favorable prices. In other words, you are always in safe hands when you hire Flyttkillarna AB. With our help, your company move will be much easier, more time-efficient and safer than if you had carried it out yourself.

Flyttkillarna carries out company moves throughout Sweden

The movers’ smooth and affordable company relocation can be ordered throughout Sweden. It doesn’t matter if you want to carry out a company move in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Malmö, Lund or Uppsala. With us, you always get a tailored solution regardless of where you are in Sweden. Terms apply according to KONTOR 2003